Organic & Biodynamic Tour

We invite you to enjoy a complete Organic & Biodynamic experience, during which you will learn about this special type of agriculture, why our project is unique in Chile, and the ways in which we focus on the highest quality of wine.

The tour begins with a walk through our gardens where visitors see how the native animals play an active role in the biodiversity that sustains our land.

They then visit the vineyard, where we explain the types of soil, varieties planted, and the climatic characteristics of the valley, including a detailed explanation of the Organic & Biodynamic agriculture used in all our vineyards for more than eleven years.

The tour concludes in the cellar, where we store the biodynamic preparations used for the nutrition and protection of the vines.

The tour ends with a tasting of our wines made with organically grown grapes.

$12.500 CLP p/p (tax included)

*Reserve 1 day prior.

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